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Have you started to become aware of things you never thought about before? Like how history is rewritten, the controlling elite, how we are manipulated through media, society, politics and religion? Then this new trilogy is for you!

It’s about a girl named Eve, who has no idea she’s the oldest soul on earth, with a pre-wired connection to every other soul on the planet and that the boy she’s mysteriously drawn to, named Roman, has been her soul mate, her love of nearly three hundred lifetimes—until he tells her.

But what Roman doesn’t mention is that the new genetic test called Animus will soon expose what she is to the whole world and that he’s being tasked with the impossible; steering her, into the open arms of another, a boy named Jude. She’ll learn that Jude’s the only brand new soul on earth; the one who’s come to change the world, and that the future of humanity rests in their intertwined destiny. 

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“I’m lucky to be a part of it, you know,” she nodded, looking for my agreement, but I sat still as a stone, studying her as she swabbed my skin with alcohol. “It’s actually really interesting!” she gushed to fill in the gap left by my silence.

I could tell the young lab tech was doing her best to try and reassure us both. “A few drops of blood, Evelyn, that’s all we need.”

But despite her efforts, Payge (according to her nametag) couldn’t hide her nerves as she sunk the cold steel needle into the crook of my elbow. And when the dark red fluid crept from my vein into the vial, I saw the glimmer of fear in her eyes. Not of needles, or of blood, or even of me this time. It was her fear of what she was doing, of what it meant. A fear buried deep, microscopic in its appearance, invisible in her knowledge of its presence, like undiagnosed cancer, but immense in what it could do inside her.


“It’s Eve,” I told her. “And it’s fine,” I managed. For her sake. Hoping she’d think back on my words later.

“Almost done. Then you’ll be free to go,” she seemed proud to tell me, her smile genuine.

And of course I would. Why wouldn’t I be? Everyone else was

“Oh, Payge,” I remember thinking. “What will this do to you?” 

I’d never thought much about what it would be. You know, the thing that would finally divide the world in half. The singular obsession that would polarize humanity to the point of no return—but if I’d had to pick something, a cluster of circles discovered deep within our DNA wouldn’t have been my first choice.

Payge liked me. She’d only known me for about ninety seconds, but it was easy to tell. What was harder to understand was why, and how I could exist in a normal way knowing it wouldn’t take me two minutes to get her to jump out the window or cut her own wrists or stab me in the chest if I wanted. People either liked me or they didn’t, deeply, and almost instantly. At first I rejected it, perfect strangers feeling entitled to having an opinion either way … I’m still trying to accept it.

She smiled down at me as she removed the needle and softly compressed a cotton square onto the injection site. This time, I smiled back. It was true, that all they needed was just a few drops. The ugly lie this poor girl didn’t know she was telling was that once she got it, I’d be leaving here. I might never see the outside of this building. I fought to stay calm as she skipped out of the room with my blood. The blood they didn’t even know they were looking for. Until they found it. The blood that would change everything. 

“Back in one minute, literally!” she promised, as if I’d be timing her …

I can’t say I was surprised when she walked back in the room, forty-five minutes later, pale as a ghost—

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I was nine when my grandfather said to me, “Eve, if you’ve worked the question and come to your answer, the only way to be sure you’re correct is if the answer leads to at least two more questions.” One day soon, he said, I would start to search for questions more than answers. That “people like me” always did. It was at that moment when I realized I wanted my grandfather to live forever. Looking back, it was at this precise moment that I believe he began to die…

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