The book is fiction, but has a grain of truth in it . Fascinating. Is it a view into the future like Orwell and Huxley? ~ Amazon UK
FitzHenry is a brilliant storyteller. Animus engages, almost to the point of obsession! A rare find!
The power of Tiffany FitzHenry’s work first and foremost lies in the superb concept she has created. Animus sits on the border of young adult and adult fiction, brilliantly crafted, well written, and compelling. A true page turner that will satisfy audiences of romantic fiction and sci-fi alike. Would recommend it to readers seeking something totally original, detailed, and deep. ~ Reader’s Favorite, 5 Stars
Every aspect of this book appealed to me. I was drawn in by characters that I wanted to love or hate, and flawless descriptive writing. There was a perfect tempo to the story and each chapter ended with me yearning to know what happens next. Neil Gaiman watch out! Author Sidney Wood
I first took the Animus Soul Age Test that is so brilliantly connected to this book. Immediately I wanted to know more about the other souls. I had to buy the book.​ WOW! Great read, couldn’t put it down! ~ Amazon review, 5 Stars
Captivating and intelligently written. The cliffhanger ending stabs your heart, leaving a gaping wound that needs to be satisfied by the knowledge of what happens next. ~ Reader’s Favorite, 5 Stars

The pace just made me tear through this book.​ By the time you reach the last pages you’re wanting to slow it down but it’s only speeding up, racing toward an ending that leaves you literally breathless. Best book I’ve read since Divergent.​ ~ Goodreads review, 5 Stars

FitzHenry is an author to watch out for!​ ~ Reader’s Favorite, 5 Stars

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