“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”                                                                ​​                                                           ~Albert Einstein

First and foremost, we believe, down to our very souls, that there’s a divinity about storytelling. When a writer writes they’re granted access to a kind of Neverland. It’s a wondrous and sacred place, where all the thoughts and emotions, feelings and fantasies of all of human existence are stored—just floating around in infinity and stardust for their eventual purpose of being brought back into the human experience in another form so that they can stir something inside us, something divine.

Don and Tiffany FitzHenry decided to form Hierarchy Publishing for one pretty important reason. Audience. For years Don watched as Tiffany pulled down elaborate worlds and characters brimming with humanity in the form of movie scripts and TV pilots, but once these stories would become ‘projects’ they would always get lost in the labyrinth of the business of Hollywood, never managing to reach their audience—the simple and sacred purpose of all storytelling; and the loop seemed impossible to close. After seeing this play out long enough, they knew it was time to find another way, time to break the system, to rearrange the Hierarchy, to put storytelling back at the top, where it belongs, where it can be most easily seen by its audience and fulfill its purpose.

They knew, like everything else that comes from Neverland, Eve was very special. This girl, who finds out she’s the oldest soul on earth, had been whispering her one of a kind story in Tiffany’s ear since about 2011. So this time, instead of handing her fate over to someone else, they decided to grab her hand and race toward the light. To bring her to the world on their own.

Get ready to meet Eve and know she comes to you with all her divinity and stardust in tact.

Learn more about the enlightening, breakout novel ANIMUS – THE OLDEST SOUL, book one. Available everywhere books are sold.

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