Who is The Oldest Soul on Earth?

Time.  Age.  Consciousness.
These are stirring concepts. Expansive, and challenging to wrap our brains around. Like this question… Could a person possess a soul that is ‘older’ then someone else’s? Further, do we ‘possess’ the soul inside us? Is it us? Is it ours?

These are questions humans have long sought to answer. Questions you likely find quite fascinating (since you’re reading this).

Perhaps YOU are a very old soul?

We’ve all heard the concept of ‘the old soul’ –  a person who is centered, grounded, wise beyond their years, drawn to things from eras of the distant past. It’s this very peculiar notion of ‘soul age’ that first showed up as a tickle in my mind, ‘does soul age really exist?’

That question almost instantly begged the next – well then, who is the Oldest Soul on earth? And what are they like?

This wondering turned into The Oldest Soul Trilogy, the story of a present day girl who discovers she is in fact the Oldest Soul on earth! Her name is Eve (pun intended, of course) and as I’ve yet to be able to explain, her story stirs an eerie feeling in readers worldwide. A bone deep, soul deep familiar feeling, ‘an unconscious remembering’ as one fan calls it. Of course I find all of this absolutely uncanny! Even as I work now to complete the third and final book, I’m still consistently blown away by the constant reports of a mysterious ‘knowing’ as readers embark on this journey.

So then, it seems Eve is the Oldest Soul on earth, Evelyn O’Cleirigh, at least according to her story – one she seems intent on whispering in my ear. But it’s her fans that have left me wondering, maybe Eve is all of us. Maybe her soul and your soul and my soul really are one soul – Anima Mundi as the concept is called, which means “world soul” and speaks to our connected consciousness. Maybe that’s why her story is surprising readers the world over with this unexpected deja vu feeling.

So maybe you really are the Oldest Soul on earth?


Tiffany, author of The Oldest Soul Trilogy

ANIMUS (Book One)         


AURORA (Book Two)



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