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If I could make one tiny, little, itty bitty correction to the masterpiece that is George Lucas’ Star Wars trilogy, it would be a small change in the most famous line. Instead of ‘use the force’ I wish it was ‘be the force.’  That, in my opinion, is far more accurate advice to give anyone trying to meet any of the challenges of human incarnation.

Yes, the force is something you can use. But that’s because, more accurately, the force is what you are. The trick to using the force is understanding that you are the force. Whether you’re attempting to destroy an evil empire, shift the global consciousness, create abundance in your life, or all of the above at once, the only real barrier is in the difference between what you think you are, and what you truly are.


I’m glad you asked! Eckhart Tolle described it best. He said, “You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.”

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Surprise! You’re not the character you’ve created in your mind based on your name, education, job, appearance, personality, nationality, sexual preferences and who you may have voted for. Those are what Eckhart Tolle calls ‘the little you,’ created by your ego. None of that is real. None of that is the truth of who you are. Yeah, sorry.

Because of ego and the particulars of this human experience we’ve got everything flipped. We think we’re this specific little thing adrift in the vast infinite universe. But, in reality, YOU are the vast infinite and life is the specific little thing you are doing. Or, in other words, life is the dancer and you are the dance. Life is the ocean and you are the tide. If life is the player, you, my friend, are the game.

Now, Yoda said some pretty cool stuff, but it was all so darn cryptic! Just once I’d have loved to hear him be like:

*eye roll*

“Alright Luke, listen. You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” Luke would have been like, “Oh my God, I am the universe. I can do anything!” Instead, Yoda was all, “Difficult to see always in motion is the future.” I mean, wtf Yoda??? We’re trying to figure out how to crack the code of the universe here and your giving us extra riddles to solve? Is this fun for you?? You think this is some kind of joke???

Obviously I have some Yoda issue to work through, it’s just that riddles are the last thing Luke needed while facing down Darth Vader. The nature of our existence is, by design, disorienting, alright? A little help here, Yoda! Trying to channel the power of the universe and direct the energy of creation is not easy business! Even when you have clear concise instructions. I remember when I read The Secret ten years ago with everyone else in the world. The instructions were very clear. ‘Manifest.’ I was like, alright, how? ‘Think about checks in the mail. Go outside. Walk to your mailbox. Open it up.”

There were, of course, supposed to be piles of checks in the mail. “Checks in the mail” she whispered on the audio version. “Checks in the mail,” I’d whisper to my husband on my way out to the mailbox. But nothing ever happened. Not once. No unexpected checks, and certainly not piles of them. In fact, I think I actually began getting more bills, because I was spending more money. Expecting, obviously, piles and piles of checks!

Needless to say, I’m going to make this handy dandy how-to-use-the-force guide much more specific and (if you really do it) MUCH more effective.


1. Let go of your ‘identity’

2. Dissolve your ego

3. Go within

4. Connect to the universe

5. Listen

6. Don’t think

7. Be

8. Don’t think

9. Do

10. You are infinite

11. Be infinite

This is not groundbreaking information, but if you find it a little hard to understand, since I’m a writer, this time next to each step I’m going to put what happens to the main character in a movie. You’ll see that well before The Secret, the artists of the world, who direct the power of creation to manifest their stories, music, and art by tapping into the force of the universe (most probably without realizing it) have been trying to give us this information for a long, long time. So basically think of using the force like retracing the steps of every movie you’ve ever seen and every book you’ve ever read. Think of using the force like retracing the steps of Luke Skywalker.

1. Let go of your ‘identity’  (become an orphan)

2. Dissolve your ego  (separate from what you know)

3. Go within  (leave it all behind, detach, journey into the unknown world)

4. Connect to the universe  (enter the innermost cave of the unknown)

5. Listen  (hear the whispers of your soul in the cave, meet your higher self)

6. Don’t think  (no, the challenge isn’t too big, get out of your head)

7. Be  (try again, this time from your higher self, you are the universe/invincible)

8. Don’t think  (you got it, trust, stay in your higher self, act from this place, practice)

9. Do  (return to your world with the elixir)

10. You are infinite  (save the universe, get the girl, defeat the villan)

11. Be infinite  (the world is as you want it to be)


If you feel you know just what I mean by each of those steps, great! You’re done. Print it out, hang it on the fridge, and go manifest world peace, become the drummer in your favorite band, and buy a nice lake house. Have a nice day. You may begin creating the life you want and destroying the forces of evil immediately.

If you’re not sure exactly what I mean by each step, I’ll do a follow up post soon where I elaborate on each one in depth. So be sure to subscribe to my blog! I mean, the fate of the universe kinda depends on it.  🙂

xx Tiffany


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