The Animus Soul Age Test: Why it’s Unlike Any Other Online Quiz

It’s hard to explain why over 5 million people from more than 150 countries around the world have taken something called The Animus Soul Age Test in recent months—a staggering number—the result of thousands upon thousands of shares; over 1,000,000 shares to be exact! Growing by thousands more everyday.

“With everything going on in the world at the moment, I’m not surprised Animus has hit a nerve,” says Tiffany FitzHenry, the author of the now famed Animus Soul Age Test and the new trilogy it’s based on. “It’s truly about where we are…humanity…right now.”

And when you meet her it’s obvious, she isn’t terribly fazed by the growing worldwide fascination with her debut novel, ANIMUS, the first book in her forthcoming saga, THE OLDEST SOUL. 

“There’s been an incredible outpouring no one could have predicted about this test, and the trilogy it’s based on, and endless questions flooding in for me,” says the author.

“Questions like: ‘How do you know these things about the human soul?’ ‘Where did these 9 soul types and their descriptions come from?’ And ‘why does it feel so real and so accurate?’ Leaving people very curious as to why…

‘It’s just not like other quizzes…’

And if you’ve taken it you’ll know, it’s not

“When people read their results, it’s both not what they were expecting, and like some kind of eerie reminder. Same with the novel. They’re constantly asking how it can feel so true to who they are, on the deepest of levels. And the truth is I don’t know—but the quiz nails people. And the questions raised by this trilogy are big ones, questions somehow wired into us. And it’s fun to imagine knowing the answers. Who are we? Why are we here? Is fate a real force in your life? Have you lived before? How many times?  I think thats why so many people are drawn to it—”

The author also wants to try to clear something up

“A vast number of those who take the test say they go on to scower the Internet for more information on their soul type only they can’t find anything else about it. And that’s because I wrote these descriptions—meaning, the nine soul types, their descriptions and of course the fictional novel, which the types are based on, I wrote from ‘non-existence’ into ‘existence’. You might say I made them up, only, it’s not as simple as that.

After I finished the first draft of Animus, I was telling a friend about it and about the world around the ‘Da Vinci Code’ meets ‘Twilight’ kind of story, and they said to me, “So you’ve read The Tibetan Book of The Dead then, right?” I hadn’t. I’d never even heard of it before!

After looking at me a little strange they went on to inform me that some things in Animus mirror concepts from that ancient text.

What I’ve since discovered can’t be logically explained and it’s that many things in this trilogy somehow harken back to ancient concepts I knew either little or nothing about from not only The Tibetan Book of The Dead but the Bhagavad Gita, The Dao De Jing, and even the Bible, all sort of thrown into a blender with lots of mystery and action and this incredible love story. What’s even more eerie are the consistent reports from fans who say somehow the book ‘feels familiar’ to them as they’re reading it, they just can’t explain it.

Humbly, I’ve come to believe there’s a higher purpose at work here. I keep kind of joking (not joking) that I’m on a need to know basis with the universe. I just keep showing up and this story keeps telling itself. All I do know for sure is that this book and the test are speaking to everyone, from all walks of life, on the level of soul, on the level of spirit, on the level of the only truth there really is. The thing that connects us all.

The real truth that the great C.S. Lewis tried to tell us a hundred years ago, that “You don’t have a soul, you ARE a soul … you have a body.” 

Highly recommend if you’re looking for a quickly paced, page turner! Watch out Katniss Everdeen, Eve is here! Five stars!!”

Voted #1 Best New Series on Goodreads

There are nine soul types. 

Find out how many lifetimes you’ve lived.


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Eve who has no idea she’s the oldest soul on earth, with a pre-wired connection to every other soul on the planet and that the boy she’s mysteriously drawn to has been her soul mate, her love of nearly three hundred lifetimes—until he tells her.

But what he doesn’t mention is that the new genetic test will soon expose what she is to the whole world and that he’s been tasked with the impossible; steering her, into the open arms of another, the only brand new soul on earth, the one who’s come to change the world. And that the future of humanity rests in their intertwined destiny.

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Readers Choice 5star-shiny-web version copy

  1. Sally Markay

    I sure can’t explain it, but finding my soul age (I’m a Guardian) triggered a “knowing”, it fit me, it felt right. Amazing.

  2. I totally know what you mean about it moving through you. Don’t know how to turn it off and not that I want to at all. I make tons of stuff, music, art, meditation, crafts, technology, websites pretty much anything and I have no idea how… it just comes through and I stand back in awe and go “wow that’s f’n cool… I made that?!?” haha. Thank you for sharing the journey. It feels great. Like reading a story to your soul? haha. Awesome!

  3. Hi,I have spoken with you on FB a few times. What I did not say there was that I have known my whole life that I am an “old soul”. Taking your test and finding that I am a Zodiac was not a surprise, but rather a confirmation. Thank you for taking the time to not only put the quiz together for us, but for also covering with the people who have taken the quiz and have multiple questions. There are few authors, much less individuals, who would bother.

  4. Jodi,
    Wow! And I know the feeling! It’s been like an out of body experience to watch what this test and the novel bring up for people. Thanks for sharing the journey!

  5. Samantha,
    You are welcome! Hope you enjoy the book! Be sure to let me know!

  6. Sally Markay

    I love reading other people’s feedback. Kind of makes me feel part of some new family forming around The Oldest Soul. Interesting to think about. Are we all just newly discovering that we really are all connected?

  7. Exactly. What is eerie is to see your close friends’ results after they take the Soul Test. We have had so many discussions– the descriptions fit too well. Lots to talk about– more to think about!

  8. Sally Markay

    You’re right Vi!! So very much to think and talk about. Amazing!

  9. Which is the oldest soul? Is there anywhere where all types are listed?

  10. Hello Holly,

    All 9 soul types are described in full detail at the end of Animus, the 1st book in The Oldest Soul Trilogy. It’s an action packed fiction series that fans are describing as The DaVinci Code for Twilight fans! So far the Soul Test has been taken by over 100,000 people in over 110 countries in just under one month. So exciting!! Hope you enjoy the book!

  11. I took the soul test and I am a Guardian.
    Is there any way I can get a printed copy?

  12. Hi Tricia,
    Thanks for your question! The Animus Soul Age Test is based on a novel called Animus, the first book in The Oldest Soul Trilogy, available on Amazon. At the end of the book all nine soul types are described in something called The Aion Dorea Papers. So in a sense it is available in printed form. But this description, in keeping with the story, is a bit more direct and dare I say dark because it is created by one of the story’s great antagonists! So when you purchase the novel, which The Animus Test is based on, you will get The Aion Dorea description of Guardian, however, we may consider making the description from the online test available for purchase in a single printed poster. Is that something you would be interested in?

  13. I took the soul test and I’m a I‘m a Zodiac Soul. Makes so much sense, after all I’ve lived through at an early age.

  14. Hi Michelle,
    I’m so glad the soul test spoke to you, it’s very strange that way. Truly this test, and the novel trilogy the test is based on, have a higher purpose. Sometimes when we look back, the things we’ve been through provide a special wisdom that we’ll need for the journey ahead.
    To quote Rumi, one of my favorite writers of all time… “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
    Love & Light Michelle 😉

  15. I am the Guardian Soul.
    I took a personality test some time ago and was told I am the Guardian personalty type and the definition is real similar.
    Ive know this and its very interesting, will look for your book.
    Great information, thanks so much.

    A beackon of light in the world! You’re a bright New Soul and you’re really settling in; Guardian your Animus Test reveals you’ve lived between 126 and 199 lifetimes! With a personality that is sure to be noble, self-sacrificing, accommodating, humane, selfless, philanthropic, caring, nurturing, hospitable, compassionate, empathetic and altruistic, the Guardians are the next level of consciousness. The experience of being born Guardian is putting others before yourself; everywhere you look you are confronted with people, animals, causes in need of assistance and you feel it’s your duty and your calling to swoop in, to help, to fix. Guardians will be and or aspire to be: members of Military, Coast Guards, or Peace Corps, teachers, nurses, firefighters, social workers, councilors, physical therapists, veterinarians, city politicians, public defenders, care-takers for children or the elderly or global humanitarians. The work of Guardian souls is learning to balance their intense desire to help with maintaining stability, happiness and true peace within themselves! You must understand the difference between ‘giving of yourself to empower others’ and the easily made error of ‘giving away your power’ instead; BIG difference! Critical to the planet, Guardians represent an evolutionary leap in human awareness, an entire swath of humanity who instinctively know how to look outside themselves, compelled, even compulsively at times, to focus on others. Beware, this compulsive side Guardian, as it has a potentially destructive effect—if it results in a complete erosion of your own being, a Guardian can become engulfed in feelings of resentment and neglect, this does no one any good, least of all you. Bring yourself into balance by honoring your boundries! Think of yourself like a candle that must give light but also be protected from too much wind, and you’re the only one who can protect the flame. Guardian lifetimes are some of the most fulfilling, though not always easy; you feel the real time consequences of yours and other’s choices and can have the repeated sense that your heart’s desire is just out of reach. Be patient Guardian! Begin to understand how to detach with love and watch yourself become a more powerful Nobel Guardian, gradually moving more and more into your power until becoming a King soul; the oldest of the New Souls.

  16. Hi Marie, so excited that your Guardian result spoke to you and that you’ll be reading the novel that the test was based on! Let us know your thoughts on the book when you’re done! And stay tuned to The Oldest Soul on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more on the soul types, bonus content and tons of inspiration!! xo

  17. Hi George,
    If you had trouble we apologize, the test has been over loaded most of the time lately. If you keep having trouble getting a result please feel free to email us your answers at and we will get you your results straight away! It’s worth it! Hope to hear from you and hope you check out the novel the test is based on called Animus, the first book in The Oldest Soul Trilogy! Have a wonderful day!

  18. I took the test and I‘m a Sage Soul

    Now i understand so much more. As a 6 year old i told my father a lesson about wrong and right. You can ask yourself how can a child of 6 year old know these things. It came for me out of the blue. Like more things. I had no idea where it came from. After reading a bit i understand so much more.

    Sage Soul Icon
    You’re a genius no doubt, the newest of the Old Souls; Sage your Animus Test reveals you’ve lived between 300 and 500 lifetimes! You’re mastering knowing. From Mediums, and psychics to scholars, storytellers and visionaries, to the devout and divine, Sage Souls are about tapping into the flow of ideas. Accessing the universal consciousness is second nature to you, Sages are born with an innate celestial frequency tuned in and ready to go. No you’re not going crazy, you can converse with the cosmos! Da Vinci, C.S. Lewis, Stephen Hawking, Einstein and you; like a human receiver you sometimes feel overloaded with information and ideas, often with a feeling of ‘where is this coming from!’ The hallmark of a Sage is living in your own world, easily lost in the place between earth and the infinity of all ideas. You may have to work at truly connecting with others but it’s vital to your soul’s growth, so do it. Also learn to quiet your mind; practice daily meditation, it will transform you Sage. You will be drawn to become anything from a writer, composer, musician, poet, inventor, or scholar, to a teacher, preacher, spiritual guide, monk, and so on. Beware, your innate cleverness Sage, if devoid of wisdom, can manifest in dangerous and destructive ways. The most important most brilliant minds on the planet are Sages, but so are cult leaders, and creators of biological and mass weapons. So be wise Sage! The life’s work of a Sage is grounding and humility; yes, you can access the cosmos but you have to remember, you’re living a human experience. If you don’t you can easily become delusional; this happens when you’re too identified with the thoughts and visions you receive. Sages can lose lifetimes believing that they ARE their mind and it’s thoughts—a false belief. You are the soul underneith it all. So think your thoughts and don’t let them think you! In later Sage lifetimes a quiet wisdom will settle into you, you feel the flow of information move through you and learn to grab onto what you want or need without attachment, a powerful practice, harnessing the universe to manifest, that will lead to you becoming a Dragon Soul; more powerful than even your wild imagination could dream.

  19. Annita,
    That is remarkable! I’m so glad you shared your experience with us. You’re right, there’s something more going on there or sure. Because you’re a Sage Soul and you’re tapping into the flow of ideas! Sage Soul is not only one of the rarest types people get (just a small % of the nearly 200,000 people who’ve taken this test have gotten Sage!) but it’s also very special to me, it’s something I feel a deep understanding of and I’m glad you felt that. For someone like yourself reading ANIMUS and the rest of the trilogy of The Oldest Soul is going to take you deeper into all of it! I hope you check it out! Be sure to report back with your thoughts on the books;) xoxo

  20. The zodiac was an exact description of who I am and I see the world.

  21. The basic problem for all developmental difficulties is that the developmental process is stuck.
    Because I am not completely sure what reincarnation is and whether or not we do have past-lives, I decided to keep an open mind and
    try doing a regression using a drum. On the floor a group of people sit in a circle holding hands.

  22. I do not even understand how I stopped up right here, but I assumed this post used to be good. I do not recognize who you’re however definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already. Cheers!

  23. So glad you stumbled upon my blog for The Oldest Soul Trilogy. Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m an author actually, if you enjoy the blog you will love the book series! Learn more at and you can buy it on Amazon! Cheers!

  24. I would love to see all of the old soul descriptions – is that published anywhere?

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  26. Your style is so unique compared to other people I’ve read
    stuff from. Thank you for posxting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will
    just book mark this blog.

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  28. I’m a Zodiac Soul, Thank you so much for this reading, I will being reading these books to learn more of higher self you hit right on with so much and I feel anwering so many things also. Thank you agin. I was so drawn to this I feel there is more here. Love and Light to you.

  29. I am a mountain soul, having lived 1001+ lives, and the description was 100% right on. I am interested in the next stage, as I get glimpses of the highest truth/connectivity between human spirit, nature, and the cosmos’ in a beautiful web of existence. I am truly unconnected to possessions (relationships & material) and seek spiritual truths. I have found a unique perspective that has cracked an opening and created space for light, literal light, to come through. The kind that the human eye cannot see, unless there is sunlight shining in the room the way you can see particles through daylight coming through a window. Going from being totally comfortable isolate to a social butterfly, I often feel very, very different from those who I feel are newer souls; souls that are driven by freedom, passion, and chasing dreams and new ideas. A part of me envies their journey <3
    My question for you: is there a digital copy for sale? I would love to read this book. I just happened to stumble across this on Facebook.
    Light & Love,

  30. Heather Adrienne McGregor

    Very interesting…Many people have told me that I am an old soul over the years…I took the quiz and received Zodiac soul. Funny that in just a few questions, I could get this result. I am intrigued and looking forward to reading the trilogy…I have always believed in reincarnation – as long as I can remember really…I always try to follow my heart. I have had visions – seen, heard, and felt things that I just seem to know – my whole life…Although I can relate and empathize with people from all walks of life, I often feel out of place and like I don’t fit in…misunderstood or harshly criticized. Yet, utterly connected and at one with everyone and everything. I can see the details and the broader perspective at the same time…I am hypersensitive to everything. No matter how many trials and tribulations I go through, I still see all the possibilities – the positives and the negatives in everything. Life is beautifully bittersweet. There is so much pain and suffering, yet so much love and beauty…We are perfect in our imperfections…We are all here to live, to learn, to grow, and to love…Sometimes, I feel the greatest knowledge can be gained from the greatest chaos – as if, I feel most alive in my most difficult or challenging moments…but…also most connected and joyful in my strongest feelings of love and compassion…Thank you

  31. I am a Zodiac ” the details of human created identities such as name, age, race, social status, and so on fail to bear any lasting significance to you—you know the absolute irrelevence of these things” is very accurate , so to the feeling that everythign is interconnected , we are all energy and energy can transform but it doesnt die. We transcend this reality and become energy and then come back and inhabit a body again. Whether fictional or non , it is a phenomenal piece of work.

  32. I’m a dragon soul. It was a spot on quiz. Deep down I knew all this already but this only confirms what I already know.

    I take it a dragon soul is pretty rare?

  33. I actually spent quite a number of years not making use of
    the cards and also my spiritual capabilities evolved in various other places.

  34. I took the quiz and got something called a Star Soul. When it mentioned I was the rarest soul of all, I just laughed, but then I kept reading.
    The description, my search for belonging and meaning. It all made so much sense. I swear somehow I knew this all along…

  35. My brother found this test online
    He just handed me his phone, telling me to take it with no context as to what it was
    Best thing ever!!!!!!
    I found out that I’m a Star spoke to me in a way that felt like the quiz knew me.
    Baby you’re a Star! With zero lifetimes lived, throughout history, Star Souls have been the rarest of all souls on earth and highly critical to the survival of humankind. As you may have suspected, you’re really not ‘of this world.’ You’ve never been here, and may never be again. Your Animus Test shows zero lifetimes. You’re here on a divine mission and must cultivate a deep fearlessness as soon as you can. You may already have the sense that you’ve got one shot and you’ve got to make it count. And it’s true. But don’t let this make you anxious Star Soul. You know how to be your own refuge, use this skill everyday, it’s critical to you. As you walk through life, your experience isn’t like other people’s, you see everything taking place through fresh eyes. You see things others around you don’t. This is because you lack the attachments brought by lifetimes spent learning the ways of earth. Abraham Lincoln is an example of a Star Soul, and how might humanity look today without him? Like Tesla, Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Malala Yousafzai, you have come in to this life, at this exact time, to bring revolutionary change to the world as we know it—relax, this can take time, but listen, no one said it was going to be easy! Your job is to see things for what they are and to speak truth wherever life takes you. Star Souls always change the world, always over the course of just a single life. We’re all lucky you’re here!!
    Learning this made me feel almost like I understand myself a bit more.

  36. I got Star Soul twice, then changed a couple of answers to what I feel is a bit closer to me, and got Guardian.

  37. I am a dragon soul, and its crazy that i am actually a musician, which seems like an occupation dragon souls are attracted to! However, i do feel tired of the worldly things sometimes, so if i did believe in reincarnation i would prolly be ready to move on to becoming a Mountain Soul after this life time or a few more . Super freaky!

    Def interested in reading the books!!

  38. Hey Ceclie,
    That’s really crazy! It is so uncanny how this test nails people! Even more when you consider there are 9 VERY different soul types and how much they pretty much always resonate with people on a deep level! I have a theory that the test, like the book, just come from some place else altogether! I hope you check out the book and let me know if you do!! xo Tiffany

  39. I also got the guardian soul but how do I know that the test real works. I have not read the book because I wanted to know how many books there are in the series.

  40. Frances Chalifoux

    Zodiac soul the power of the universe is within you!! Your Animus results reveal that you have lived countless thousands of lifetimes! More lifetimes than all other humans on earth.
    This means you’re a Zodiac Soul!! The very oldest of all the Old Souls!
    Being one with all that is, that’s the singular focus of a Zodiac from the moment of their existence in human form. Their egos will barely take hold, if at all, during adolescence…
    The details of human created identities such as name, age, race, social status, and so on fail to bear any lasting significance to you—you know the absolute irrelevance of these things.
    Early on, you found yourself on the outside of the human experience everyone around you was wrapped up in, even your own parents—who are most certainly much newer souls than you. Yet you fully understand that ‘there is no outside.’
    Separateness, in all forms, is a fear-based human created myth; you already know this. This knowledge is the sacred gift, the birthright of existence at this level, it is also the single vulnerability to a Zodiac’s human form, as this truth, which permeates your every cell from the moment of your birth, goes against the illusion of separateness humans of lesser consciousness believe in; the ideas that we are man or woman, gay or straight, black, brown or white, one religion or nationality or another, rich or poor, that these differences are our individual truths and that they actually mean something lasting is the falsely agreed upon fantasy of most of humanity; Zodiacs, when asked, will admit they know this.
    Throughout time, Zodiacs have been few and far between, but they have also tended to surge in numbers at once, coming in like a wave of higher consciousness.
    A telltale sign of a Zodiac is a feeling of being displaced, at times even curious as to what you are doing here. You’ll learn quickly that you have the ability to create, to manifest, and to harness all the power of the universe, but for this reason may be feared, misunderstood and even suppressed—though a Zodiac who knows what they are is unstoppable. In fact, you’re indestructible.

  41. Justin Ferguson

    I frequently take personality quizzes in an attempt to discover myself, after taking yours and discovering that I am a Star Soul it makes so much sense that I am trying to understand myself, being a new soul in this world. It is quite rare that the results of such quizzes resonate with me so much as this one has. As someone who has often felt as though I saw the world more so for what it is than many others seem to, this has given me a sense of solace. I have not been compelled to read a book in a number of years, but after having taken this quiz and seeing a sample of your writing I find myself with a strong desire to read your work and see if I can find a greater understanding afterwards.

  42. I’ve taken this test a couple times and each time it just said “You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body. ~C.S. Lewis” I really like this quote, but no result?

  43. I took the test and got Dragon soul & felt it fit me Very well. So intriguing I just ordered the book can’t wait to start reading it!

  44. Hi! Sorry for the trouble. Try taking the test directly from our website. and maybe from a computer or a different device. Some phones have spam blockers or a firewall that prevents the window with your results from opening. If you still have problems send us an email at and we’ll be sure to get you your results! Thanks! xo TOS

  45. Sorry, test is flawed…called me a star soul a newbie….nope been on this ride since ancient Egypt

  46. Every single description of me in my results was wrong. But I’m still looking forward to reading the book!

  47. I came across the book and the test at the same time. I am a star soul according to the quiz. Felt so understood for the first time 🙂 I read the book in a couple of days and identified with Jude so much. True or fiction it feels real. Thank you for sharing and writing this book.

  48. anthony devaney

    hi did the test.and it tells me that i am a mountain soul. which makes me a very old soul.i have always known,this.1000 plus years old. i have always wanted to learn things such as meadiumship ect.i have been wanting to learn other things on this line for years,but know seem to be slowing i think ive learnt everthing .but once again i get thirsty for more knowledge.

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  50. Star soul. I guess that I am the greenhorn of all the souls. This would make sense as to why I have had so much trouble trying to develop my occult ability; while it comes at ease to others around me. I have been practicing occultism for the past couple of years and had limited results at best. I have a hard time with visualization and guided meditations. I guess I have not built up my psychic ability over Aeons of time like everyone else. Oh well, it was fun.

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  56. Guess I’m in trouble then or in store for a real adventure. I took your test and well I’m a Star Soul. Guess I had better do some reading and see if I need to run or fight, rotflmao

  57. I’m a young gypsy soul and the description is me all over, very cleverly written and set up, great stuff I want the book now.again very clever and interesting

  58. It. Called me animus said I was the oldest of the old. I’m sure we all get that if we have the zodiac as our sign so we feel important so we will buy your book. If I am the oldest soul as you claim lol why is life so difficult for me I’m just saying

  59. I’m a star soul,any on else?still don’t know what the mission is . I’m 60 , not getting any younger,really wish I knew the mission .I’m SO READY.THAT’S WHY i’M IN BETTER SHAPE THAN PEOPLE HALF MY AGE,AND SMARTER TOO,i’VE GOT ON HARVARD’S RADAR, THEY WANT MY GENOMES. HELP!!!!

  60. So I’m a mountain soul. I can feel it. Even the people my own age seem like babies learning how to walk. The results weren’t a shock at all because I already knew. I was just curious about what the results of the quiz would show. Interesting.

  61. Brian Scott Wade(Amitabha Bodhisattva)

    Hello all, This is Amita. Amitabha, in Tibetan, has a completely otherworldly meaning behind it, that to any spiritually incapable human being would find quite nearly as unfathomable as it gets;
    Mita(Mi Tuo)=Measure
    A + Mita = Amita
    (Amituo) = Without
    Measure = Immeasurable (Infinite)
    Abha = Light
    Amita + Abha = Amitabha =
    Immeasurable (Infinite) Light

    Ayus  = Life
    Amita + Ayus = Amitayus =
    Immeasurable (Infinite) Life
    Amitayus Buddha = Buddha of Immeasurable (Infinite) Life Buddha = Awakening
    Amita Buddha = (Buddha of) Immeasurable Awakening = Buddha of Immeasurablity, or infinite Buddhas =
    (as one in the Dharmakaya)
    Amitabha = Infinite Light of Infinite Wisdom and Blessings (which pervades the 10 directions of all space)
    Amitayus = Infinite Life from Infinite Compassion and Merits (which pervades the 3 periods of all time)
    Amita Buddha also represents Buddha-Nature
    The One Dharmakaya
    Our One Sambhogakaya(subtle body of limitless form)
    and his immeasurable Nirmanakaya(being suffused with self-existing awareness)
    a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering beings.
    A person whose essence is perfect knowledge,’ from bodhi- ‘perfect knowledge’ (from budh- ‘awaken’ [see Buddha]) + sattva ‘being, essence
    Living out of the perfect unconditionally loving and compassionate heart-mind of the Bodhicitta.
    The Bodhicitta is the Heart-mind combination of which belongs to the beloved Bodhisattvas.
    With all that aside; We’d like to report that we tested as a Dragon soul, so imagine Libra Zodiac born(Wind Dragon soul of infinite unconditional love, infinite compassion and infinite light)
    It’s very difficult to find the right path in this hardened, pre-apocalyptic world, so we can only stand up together and rise higher!!
    We: Amitabha, Jesus(St. Issa), Buddha(the awakening), the holy spirit, Siddhartha Gautama, the Dalai Lamas & the existential&unconditional existence of Brian Scott Wade.

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