Why It’s Ok To Be Reckless

We sat under an eternal black canvas dotted with billions of piercing white stars. The ethereal blanket of the night sky of the northern hemisphere looked even more unearthly from the stunning height to which we had climbed. I was finally done looking up when I looked down, over the edge. He saw me noticing the far drop. As I tried to process the staggering height mixed with the jagged boulders below, I felt his eyes on me.

“That’s so scary,” I remarked of the terrifying view before scooting further back away from the edge where we’d been sitting next to each other.

“Why?” he asked, puzzled. A rather bizarre question. Why?

“Why? Because you could fall. Easily. And you would die.”

He looked back at me as I told him what was certainly not news, and at that moment, in his moonlit face, unhidden, I could see that he wanted to kiss me. He stared right at my mouth, then into my eyes, and then back down at my mouth, biting his own bottom lip gently as his breathing slowed, got a little heavier. Almost as soon as I accepted that he wanted to, he was leaning back, and he was kissing me. Fearless. Just like that. My first kiss. One tiny, sweet, soft, cosmic kiss, one that felt like I’d imagine falling from a star onto a cloud then into a love song might feel, that revved my heart to full throttle and lit the center of my belly on fire. When the little kiss was finished, he sat back and smiled at me. Probably because he knew I wasn’t ready for it to end.

Then he swept himself up to standing in one agile motion and took a few steps toward the edge. Not tentatively, not with shuffling feet scooting slowly, not like anyone else would approach the gravelly, unsecure, edge of a treacherous cliff, over which your painful demise awaits … no, his steps were bold, unafraid, as if he were walking from one room to the next in his own house. He crossed his arms as he peered over the side in the same way—to the death that stared him in the face he appeared to simply stare back, indifferent.

“If you’re trying to make me nervous, it’s working,” I said, hoping that would prompt him to act more carefully. But he just stared down. “Are you picking the exact rock you want your skull to hit first on the way down?” The aggravation brought by fear was obvious in my voice. He turned around and smiled, which was worse, because now his back was facing the abyss, his heels hanging partway over. If I had been standing where he was, the way he was standing, I would have fallen. Without a doubt. Anyone would have fallen.

“Come away from there! Seriously. You could lose your life!”

Even though I was begging him he didn’t move, but he also didn’t look like he was toying with me, or trying to get a rise out of me, or flirt, or show off … no, more than anything he looked like he was sad for me. That he felt sorry for me because I didn’t know something. Something he couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live and simultaneously not know.

“You can’t lose your life, silly,” he said to me in a way that was both simple and sympathetic, in a way that made me wonder if he was from another planet. And no one taught him the rules of earth. How gravity always wins.

“Uh, I beg to differ. Losing your life is a distinct possibility, particularly for you, particularly at this moment,” I said, but as I looked as his feet, precariously placed as ever, I began to get the sense that the earth and the gravel were holding him securely in place. That the landscape felt the same aura that the eagle and the wolf perceived, that Jude was capable of miraculous love, and because fear didn’t live anywhere inside him, the universe and gravity, even the shifty little pebbles under his feet were in some kind of flow with him, some cooperation with him, and with his destiny. And he didn’t appear destined to die tonight.

“Can you lose something you don’t have?” he asked. “I mean, logically?”

“No.” Obviously.

“You can’t lose something you don’t have. And you don’t have a life …” he told me, turning back to face the abyss. “You are life,” he said, projecting his words out into the universe. Like he was having a conversation with me and with the infinity of the cosmos at the same time. “Once you understand that, then you know … it’s okay to really live, even if sometimes it looks reckless. It’s okay to be a little reckless.”

From The Oldest Soul Trilogy, ANIMUS (book one)

Voted #1 “Best New Adult Series!” ~ Goodreads 



Eve has no idea she’s the oldest soul on earth, with a pre-wired connection to every other soul on the planet and that the boy she’s mysteriously drawn to, named Roman, has been her soul mate, her love of nearly three hundred lifetimes—until he tells her.

But what Roman doesn’t mention is that the new genetic test called Animus will soon expose what she is to the whole world and that he’s being tasked with the impossible; steering her, into the open arms of another, a boy named Jude. She’ll learn that Jude’s the only brand new soul on earth; the one who’s come to change the world, and that the future of humanity rests in their intertwined destiny. 




There is a truth within the universe, one that’s long been disguised as forbidden knowledge.

It’s up to Eve to crack the code, and enlighten humanity to the greatest lie ever told. But the loss of her beloved grandfather and flood of all her past lives besieging her at once took her to a dark place for six long weeks.

She emerges to find herself in Aurora, the vast new society that’s risen from the ashes of North America, where old souls now live separate from new—and her love of lifetimes, Roman, has never left her side. But she quickly realizes there are two opposing forces behind this impressive new world, and one of them wants to keep it teetering on the verge of war. When she begins to decipher clues embedded all around her, it becomes clear that uncovering the truth will be next to impossible, and exposing it may very well cost her life.

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“Watch out Katniss, Eve is here.” Goodreads

“Every aspect of this book appealed to me. I was drawn in by characters that I wanted to love or hate, and flawless descriptive writing. There was a perfect tempo to the story and each chapter ended with me yearning to know what happens next. Neil Gaiman watch out!” Author Sidney Wood

“Captivating and intelligently written. The cliffhanger ending stabs your heart, leaving a gaping wound that needs to be satisfied by the knowledge of what happens next.” Reader’s Favorite, 5 Stars

Readers Choice 5star-shiny-web version copy

Highly recommended if you’re looking for a quickly paced, page turner! Watch out Katniss Everdeen, Evelyn O’Cleirigh is here! Five stars!”Goodreads

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