Hear Your Soul: 3 Simple Ways

It’s a busy world filled with distractions. From the media to advertisers to politicians to celebrities, everyone it vying for your attention all the time. Though it’s important to pay attention to the world around us, the more effective we let these forces be, the louder they become.

As a society and as individuals we need to return to our inner selves, we need to tune back in to our soul. Here are 3 simple ways…



Get present, get honest, and take stock of your life. Are you consuming gobs of mindless content? Why? What good is that doing you? Instead, think of showing up for your life every moment you’re given, not just whittling it away on snapchat by looking in on someone else’s. Show up for your own life and live it. Don’t worry about capturing it or sharing it. Just show up and be present.

Do you want the music of your life to be filled with news and status updates and pundit chatter? If not, turn it off. Turn on music that inspires you, open books that expand your mind, and reach out to people who do the same.

Go places without your phone. Even if it’s just running to the store with your significant other or your friend, sister or mom. Free yourself as often as you can of the addictions of technology and reconnect with the real people in your real life, and with yourself. Go to your friend’s soccer game, to the movies, out to eat, all without your phone, or without ever looking at it. Wherever you are, show up there.


Take in the world around you. Your soul is speaking to you all the time, through others and through the unfolding events of your life, but you need to listen to hear it. This seems obvious but in order to listen to your soul you can’t be listening to everything else going on in the world at the same time.

Remember what we said above? Everyone is just trying to get your attention. They are doing that, mostly, to benefit themselves in some way. Knowing that and remembering it helps to deflate the power we’ve given them over our lives and our time.

You can’t listen to your soul and the chatter of the world simultaneously. Choose your soul. Choose it often.

Drive in your car in total silence. Give the person your with absolutely all of your attention. Contemplate the events of your life from a ‘spectator’ perspective as they happen. Listen and observe not only your life and the real world around you but observe yourself and notice what comes up inside you and when, and you’ll be reaping the benefits of hearing your soul speak in no time.


Get out from behind the screens and get back to nature. As often and for as long as possible. We are meant to connect with the natural world around us. It’s the healthiest and most effective ways to tune out the chattering talking-head world and tune in to your soul.

Animals and nature have a profound effect on the human spirit. They reveal ourselves to us, they reflect back our natural zen way of being, and can reteach us what we so easily forget. Observe nature and animals, they don’t resist against the flow of life. When winter comes a tree lets it’s leaves die and fall away, there’s no crisis, no existential freak-out, no ‘who am I without my leaves.’ The tree just accepts the seasons of life, the dog is always ready for any adventure. When humans return to this unattached and open state, the soul speaks freely and can be easily heard.

xoxo Tiffany

Tiffany FitzHenry is the author of The Oldest Soul Trilogy


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