Is Globalization Turning the World into a Dysfunctional Family?

Think this sounds like a strange parallel, an odd conclusion to draw? Consider this…

The Healthy Family

Second only to love, enormous value is placed on independence, self-determination, character, and the authenticity of the individual. These are the pillars of good parenting, and the only paradigm by which one generation builds on the progress of the last, not only economically but also intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and ethically.

The Co-dependent Family

Built on dysfunctional helping relationships where unnecessary support is given (for a variety of toxic reasons) which in turn enables a perpetual culture of irresponsibility, under-achievement, and ultimate and perpetual lack of self-worth and self-realization. Nonexistent concept of boundaries. Blurred view of where one person ends and another begins—every move and decision of the individual effects the whole, in essence your wagon is hitched to theirs, they go over a bump, everyone goes over a bump.

How Globalization Turns the World into a Dysfunctional Co-dependent Family 

For the purposes of this comparison, think of the United States as a very financially prosperous and happily married couple in their 50’s who have three children in their early to late 20’s; The United Kingdom, the oldest child who’s just become a doctor and is working hard to pay off loans and start a private practice, Zimbabwe, the middle child who graduated from a trade school and is currently working 2 jobs, saving to buy their first house, and Belize, the youngest child who doesn’t earn much working for Green Peace, but thrives on travel and adventure and doesn’t mind living out of a backpack if it means making a difference in the world, which they are doing.

Just as the matriarch and patriarch have the choice which value culture to promote within their family, the US and other larger countries have the choice to either promote dependence and co-dependence on globalized government apparatuses for smaller countries, or choose to maintain that by their self-determination, independence, and upstanding character (think the eco contributions of Sweden and Norway) the smaller nation-states have earned a much deserved and fully rightful seat at the head table. Promoting a dynamic and thriving “family” (i.e. world economy), of diverse, true partners of vastly different but equally valuable importance within the larger family apparatus.

When smaller, less economically powerful countries, in the eyes of larger more economically powerful countries, are treated like family, with a seat at the table, trusted council and the loyalist of friendship for their self actualization and unique contribution to the progress of humanity, when they are seated before richer, larger, morally bankrupt nations, you’ve just changed the currency of the world. You’ve valued Belize for being Belize, Zimbabwe for being Zimbabwe. You’ve encouraged diversity and promoted democracy without shoving it down anyone’s throat. You’ve incentivized everyone to strive for the greater good. This is how to lead the free world.

‘One world’ can be achieved but it must be born of a new mentality, not a new bureaucracy, and it will not be achieved by erasing boundaries, turning the fates of our diverse nation-states over to a handful of bloated global government entities any more than raising healthy happy fully formed adults can be accomplished by encouraging them to lean closer into the nest, eventually homogenizing their interests and dissolving their unique potential.

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. Not a global initiative.

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