The Experience of Being Alive: Gypsy Soul

Suppose it was proven that reincarnation did exist, and the number of lives a person had lived could be revealed!

The Oldest Soul Trilogy  is a fictional saga that does just that, taking the reader on an epic journey where people are divided by the age of their soul, old souls vs new, with the ‘newest’ of the nine types being Gypsy Souls; said to be the babies of the planet who’ve lived between 1 and 50 lifetimes.

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Gypsy Souls are all about the experience of being alive and often feel like the world just doesn’t get them.

So, who is the Gypsy Soul in your life?

Maybe it’s your daughter that has the pink streaks in her hair, or the nose ring. Maybe the kid helping me bag my groceries, the one with the round disks in his earlobes, who averts his eyes when I smile at him, who picks up the to-do list that slips out of my bag, looking at it like it’s written in Sanskrit before handing it back to me, maybe he’s your kid, or your brother, or maybe he’s you.

Tell me, how are your grades? What are your friends like? Does your mom lay awake at night wondering if you’re a lost soul? Wondering why you can’t just BE easier to raise, like your sister, who seems to get life in ways you don’t.

Are your parents always plotting their next attempt to steer you or reign you in? More structure perhaps? A different role model?

There’s a reason not all kids are the ones with the bow ties and the straight A’s, with three thousand Instagram followers, a date to prom and a college plan, who run for student council and appear to be well on their way to changing the world.

Because some kids are Gypsy Souls … some kids are working on mastering themselves more than taking over the world … figuring out where they want to go and finding out what they need more than taking care of other people … and it’s just as important, it’s just as valuable.

Their soul has just as much purpose as everyone else’s.

The real problem is us; parents, society, teachers. We fret. What will become of them? We worry how those gauges in their earlobes will look ten years from now, on their wedding day! And who will hire someone who didn’t always do all the ‘right’ things… who never went the normal route because the normal route scrambled their signal.

What if people were just allowed to be on their journey—whatever that looked like. Why does it actually matter?

No really, why?

Is it because, in our minds, their wedding day looks a certain way? And happiness, well, that looks a certain way too. Like two kids, a corner office, ski trip pictures on Facebook and a loveless marriage—like going to grad school and ending up a bored, depressed housewife in a stunning suburban castle whose only solace is that she takes less Xanax than her friends.

Gypsy souls remember, not all who wander are lost. What might look like wandering to other people is actually you following your path.

And for everyone with a Gypsy soul in their life, adorning the body is a primal and sacred form of expression and letting someone else be on their own journey, whatever it looks like and wherever it takes them, is likely what you’re soul is here to learn…


And this new soul could be your greatest teacher.

So, are you a Gypsy soul? There are 9 different soul types. To find out how many lifetimes you’ve lived Click here!


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But what Roman doesn’t mention is that the new genetic test called Animus will soon expose what she is to the whole world and that he’s being tasked with the impossible; steering her, into the open arms of another, a boy named Jude. She’ll learn that Jude’s the only brand new soul on earth; the one who’s come to change the world, and that the future of humanity rests in their intertwined destiny. 

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