Do Eyes Prove the Existence of the Soul?

Eyes are mysterious things. From the moment of our birth we’re intensely drawn to them.IMG_6334

Have you ever really wondered… why is that?

Why is it that our first breaths, crying and fitful, are almost instantly calmed when our eyes meet those of our mother? It almost looks as if our mother’s provide a kind of anchor for us into this world. Anyone who’s witnessed it will admit, there’s clearly something in a mother’s eyes that newborns easily recognize, all a newborn has to do is see into them, and in that moment it’s as if they appear to think, “Oh hey, there you are… that’s right, (deep breath, sigh), now I remember.”

For our part, there’s an innate drive, something in our DNA, to coax our newborns to look into our eyes, isn’t there? But why exactly is that? Have you ever wondered? And why do newborns instantly relax?

To witness what happens during those first moments between a mother and a child is to witness something happening beyond the physical world, something difficult to rationally explain, something frankly quite odd, and yet it couldn’t feel more natural when it’s experienced first hand, when you’re the mother—that’s when something takes over and brings you back to a space (or realm) where this is all very normal. Where this is just what you do to settle in a soul that’s new to this world. IMG_6325

If we’re being honest, that instant bond through the eyes goes someplace beyond biology and begs all the familiar questions of existence. Where did we come from and so on? It seems to me, the way newborns are drawn in by all the eyes around them, staring up first at their mothers then at their fathers and grandparents, siblings and so on, that perhaps the reason newborns search for eyes is that the soul is contained/revealed somehow within the eyes and perhaps we came from a place filled with souls, souls that recognize one another, that this is all transparent to us when we’re born, we know all of these souls, we know who they are, and who we are, and most importantly we know why we’re all here.

And so perhaps the moment we see our mother’s eyes what’s really happening is that our soul is seeing her soul, and our soul remembers hers. And perhaps all of this only becomes muddled as time elapses, as we begin to grow up and become shaped by the world, losing touch with where we came from, maybe even just before we learn to speak…

I believe that’s exactly what happens and that the eyes are where the soul resides—or at least where it can be most easily seen. In those first moments after birth it seems so, doesn’t it? Though the very existence of ‘the soul’ is debated of course, it’s almost impossible to deny there’s something ineffable linked to this part of our human form, the eyes.

Something that makes it possible to access the depths of a person through them.

To see beyond what they may be saying,


to know if a person is being truthful,


to tell what’s in their heart—


Perhaps eyes prove the existence of the soul.


Perhaps the mysteries of existence are all hidden in plain sight…


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