AURORA: The Oldest Soul

The wait is finally over!! The Oldest Soul Book 2 is here!!

Here’s what people are saying about AURORA:

“My favorite books that resonate deeply with many truths I believe we are beginning to receive. Everybody should read these two books!” – AMAZON, 5 Stars!

“This series of books is one of those that you just cannot stand to see end, but you cannot stop reading! The premise is unique and it combines spirituality, human experience, transcendence, astronomy, astrology, mythology, science, love, hate and makes this wholly new type of book. It’s fast paced, it’s enthralling and it has one of the most bad ass, whip smart heroines I have seen in a book in a very long time. The author does not shy from difficult subject matters and really dives into the way that time can be a blessing and a curse, how it can take you outside of yourself or trap you inside. That we can be prisoners of our own false constructs. Must read, would give it 10 stars if I could. Cannot wait for book 3!” – AMAZON, 5 Stars!

“Wow! I’m simply blown away by this book!! What may seem at first glance like just another dystopian, young adult romance in the vein of The Hunger Games or Divergent, proves to be so much more. It’s a story that challenges society’s long-held, political belief systems, a journey to enlightenment for the reader who dares to take it​, and ​a trilogy that is sure to adorn libraries throughout the world for centuries to come.

Woven like an intricately-loomed, sacred tapestry, Aurora: The Oldest Soul Book 2 is a worthy addition to any bookshelf. In this sequel to Animus: The Oldest Soul Book 1, FitzHenry takes our breath away with her page-turning pace, as Eve, the oldest soul on earth, awakens to discover a world that pits new souls against old, ego against spirit, and tests her love of lifetimes as she journeys to find the answer to life’s ultimate question. Throughout this well-crafted sequel, one can’t help but to pause at moments that unsettle the soul through eerie, seemingly real, déjà-vu-esque circumstances and historically based, unnerving events — ultimately leading us to break through our most deeply embedded illusions and realize the very essence of our existence. A story unlike any other, this one is a must-read! ” – AMAZON, 5 Stars!

Readers Choice 5star-shiny-web version copy

Highly recommended if you’re looking for a quickly paced, page turner! Watch out Katniss Everdeen, Evelyn O’Cleirigh is here! Five stars!”Goodreads

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