The age of your soul will become your ultimate identity.

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  • It's hard to explain why over 5 million people from more than 150 countries around the world have taken something called The Animus Soul Age Test in recent months—a staggering number—the result of thousands upon thousands of shares; over 1,000,000 shares to be exact! Growing by thousands more everyday.  "With everything going on in the world at the moment, I'm not surprised Animus has hit a nerve," says Tiffany FitzHenry, the author of the now famed Animus Soul Age Test and the new trilogy it's based on. "It's truly about where we are...humanity...right now." And when you meet her it's obvious, she isn't terribly fazed by the growing worldwide fascination with her debut novel, ANIMUS, the first book in her forthcoming

  • AQUARIUS IS AVAILABLE!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! FANS OF THE OLDEST SOUL TRILOGY I’m so thankful to all of you and SO thankful and beyond humbled to announce today (of all days!) that The Oldest Soul Book 3 — AQUARIUS, is finally available for purchase!!!  AMAZON AMAZON KINDLE ITUNES KOBO BARNES & NOBLE  It’s still populating worldwide so for some book sellers (Books-a-Million) it may take a few minutes to a few more hours. As I’m sure you guys may have guessed, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this story for you personally and for the world. I absolutely can not wait to hear from all of you and see your thoughts and reviews of AQUARIUS on Goodreads and Amazon. Guys,

  • THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER The Oldest Soul Trilogy book 3 is here!!! Like within hours it will be available for purchase worldwide!! AQUARIUS - The Oldest Soul Book 3 Roman’s not like the other King souls in Primitus, he knows that. He thinks about things other than survival, like why the sun no longer sets or rises. He questions the strict laws and beliefs they are forced to live under. And he doesn’t buy the official narrative about what happened to the world, why there’s nothing left but suffering and death—that it’s all Eve’s fault. Chosen to lead a special operation, from Primitus to Antiquus and back again, the strange journey turns into an unexpected rabbit hole of answers.