The age of your soul will become your ultimate identity.

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  • Curious about Ophiuchus? The "new" 13th sign of the Zodiac? What about Orion and it's connection to the Founding Fathers? Are you into conspiracy theories, symbology, hidden codes, and the answers to the biggest questions in the universe... Who are we? Why are we here? What happens when we die? Then Aurora is your next page turner... "Stringing together plots of the new world order, secret clandestine powers, and the greatest lie ever told to humanity in a fast paced mysterious tale, AURORA will leave you breathless." Pre-order AURORA today Or buy it November 13, everywhere books are sold... AURORA IS BOOK 2 IN THE OLDEST SOUL TRILOGY Buy ANIMUS, Book One  And get ready... For AURORA

  • AUTHOR'S OFFICIAL AURORA GIVEAWAY!!! AURORA, The Oldest Soul Trilogy Book 2, is set to be released November 13th! Here's the only place you can enter to win a free copy, autographed by author Tiffany FitzHenry!! Just click the link above! ABOUT AURORA There is a truth within the universe, one that’s long been disguised as forbidden knowledge. It’s up to Eve to crack the code, and enlighten humanity to the greatest lie ever told. But the loss of her beloved grandfather and flood of all her past lives besieging her at once took her to a dark place for six long weeks. She emerges to find herself in Aurora, the vast new society that’s risen from the ashes of North