The age of your soul will become your ultimate identity.

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  • The rage and the vengeance course through me like tar in my veins, thick and heavy. Wrath so powerfully dark it feels superhuman. I watch it creep across my heart, a slick of black mercury spreading, engulfing, supercharging me with fury until it meets the light. When the darkness touches the light, I feel my heart sync with the perfection of the universe. I feel complete. Whole. For the first time in my life, or maybe ever, I am fully here, awake and alive and whole. It all makes perfect sense now. My eyes snap open. The tears are gone... From AURORA, The Oldest Soul

  • Some 2,500 years ago, Lao-tzu spoke of “the four cardinal virtues” and noted that when we practice them as a way of life, we come to know and access the truth of the universe. That sounds nice! Let's do it! The best part is that these four virtues are actually just a part of our original nature—by practicing them, we realign with Source and access the powers that Source energy has to offer. According to the teachings of Lao-tzu, the four cardinal virtues represent the surest way to leave habits and excuses behind and reconnect to your original nature. The more your life is harmonized with the four virtues, the less you’re controlled by the uncompromising ego. Well, what are