The age of your soul will become your ultimate identity.

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  • Everyone's talking about world war 3 - maybe the only way to stop it is to stop world war fear? Once you begin to become aware that there are people invested in the creation of conflict and control, all of them vying for your mind, you'll start to see that there's a reason we're constantly at war in this country and in this world, you'll see it all for what it is... World War Fear; the hard fought battle for your mind... Can we create the world we want? Yes, we can! By raising our conscious awareness... here's how.

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  • Guys this is exciting stuff! Come meet me on my brand new YouTube channel, subscribe and get ready! Here we'll talk about all the themes in my books, like life, consciousness, awakening, the soul, reincarnation, mind control, and so much more. Love you guys so much! So excited to have this new place to share with you!! xx Tiffany